On line or in line?

When their mom took our kids to live in New Jersey following our divorce in 1995 my greatest regret was that they would soon be standing “on” line instead of “in” line.
Okay, it wasn’t my greatest regret. But I did dread the first time I’d hear them say that ridiculous thing, which I knew they would. Everyone in New Jersey and New York stands “on” line, as though there were a line drawn on the ground and to be “in” that line you had to stand “on” that line.
I never got it and I still don’t.
What prompted all of this was yesterday’s “Today” show. One of the hosts talked about standing “on” line and another called her on it. “What, were you online like on the internet? Or was their an actual line you were standing on?”
“There was an imaginary line,” was the first gal’s lame defense.
Which led them to another discussion: when you come to an intersection, do you “make” a right turn, or “take” a right turn.
Which told me just how un-cool, or maybe just how young these people are.
Everyone my age knows what you do at an intersection: you hang a right.
Except when you suck a left.

Ed Ackerman